Project CheerUP! Lifts Spirits with Sparkle & Shine


As the COVID-19 virus and social distancing continues across the world, cheerleaders from Cedar Grove, N.J., continue to do their part to spread joy and hope with Project CheerUP! Onboarding cheerleaders from all of the United States, Project CheerUP! Is cheering up healthcare staff, essential workers and just about anyone who needs it.

“When our cheerleading season was cancelled, my teammates came together and decided to use our skills to try to lift spirits as cheerleaders were meant to do,” explained Mackenzie Jennings, the 14 year-old lead creative of Project CheerUP! “We started out making FREE video CheerUP! Grams for birthdays, thank you’s or get well but have now evolved into being invited to large town-wide parades for hospitals and COVID survivors and be the “official CheerUP! Squad” to lead the parades. Our goal is to not stop until the last whistle has blown and the last person has safely left the field.”

“In just one month, we have reached more than 1,000 people all over the country with over 200 personalized grams and more coming in every day,” Mackenzie continued. “The best thing about Project CheerUP! Is that it has turned from a project to a movement. We now have over 15 cheer teams (ages grammar school through high school) using the Project CheerUP!” brand to help “ cheer up the world” in their communities. The more teams that join us, the more ground we can cover.”

Bloomfield High School was the first team to sign on creating their own CheerUP! videos, using the CheerUP! brand showing unity for the Project. The newest teams include, Wayne Valley High School, Rise All-Stars Cheer, Meadowlands Starz, St. Mary’s High School, Little Falls Jr. Hornets, Montclair High School, West Milford Jr. Highlanders, BBYC Butler/Bloomingdale and United Dream Elite of Bristol, PA. These teams add a whole new level of talent to Project CheerUP! cheering up one community at a time.

Thank You Grams to send to healthcare workers who are on the front lines battling COVID-19 is growing daily. Thank You for Your Service Grams were sent to Atlantic Health in Essex and Morris Counties, PeaceCare skilled nursing facilities (Jersey City), and Columbia Presbyterian (New York City). Project CheerUP! Has also partnered with Bright and Beautiful Dog Therapy, Inc in Houston, TX , using Cheerleaders and BBDT therapy dogs to send Grams to those missing their furry friends; including those at the Barbara Bush Library. For more information or to request a free Cheer Up! Gram, or a parade in your area, email


Project CheerUP! Efforts Were Celebrated Nationally On Kelly And Ryan


Kelly and Ryan featured Project CheerUP! as their “Good News!” Story of the Day. We appreciate their support and enthusiasm for all our hard work. We agree , everyone needs some cheer right now.